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The recipe for success in preparing a route are four parts of Orienteering and three GPS guidance

How does it work strava

Strava is one of the imprescidibles programs if you´re a runner o bike fanatic, in every one of their versions, mountain or road.

Aforegoing notions:

The Gps device can recording your own activities by time, distance o for example current Garmin devices make automatic. These log is recorded in the Gps Trip Log (can reset by Journey) and most of actuals Gps can include directly on the current Track, normaly in .Gpx format o can configure for do it like these.

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Gps and navigation course for 4 x 4

More information: Course Gps 4 x 4 


  • Work orientation and navigation to be able to act independently with the tools available: Gps, map, compass, or Android device or similar.
  • To whom this intended for this course?
    Also for the independent adventurer.
  • I have not done any course and I have like Gps my Android device, that I can serve this course?
  • Material needed:
    4 x 4 car or motorcycle Off Road, Gps or Android/iOs device with suitable support or porta maps.

Mountain Gps course

Gps course to mountain in Manresa

More information: Gps Course 11 and 12 April please

Introduction to please use of mountain Gps

  1. Operation of the GPS and GLONASS (iOs or android, Gps)
    1. Gps settings (depending on model)
      1. Operation of Gps, navigation concepts
    1. Maps for Gps, basic orientation and coordinates
    1. Webs of Tracks
    1. Programs of management of Tracks

The course content is designed as a base for learning please please. By the completion of the course you need Gps, if someone wants to do the course with a Smartphone or tablet is equally feasible.

If someone wants to do the course without Gps we rent a Garmin or Navigation.

The length is 8 am Saturday (with lunch break) and 7 am Sunday