Mountain running

Creation of cartography for mountain racing.

Prepare your mountain race: we feel passion for the mountain we are linked also to an item, the map.

In collaboration with the Club Atlético Escuaix Castellet we have created a map of the circuit, this map is useful to practice and learn how to guide you, although we recommend always do it with a monitor.

The races and their organization have particular requirements, from nosegps we want to collaborate with all of you sharing the necessary knowledge to be able to generate a site map:

10 Km from ICC VallhonestaHere we see the area within a map ICC 1:25 k

This map is downloaded from the Catalan Cartographic Institute in calibrated image format. SID and converted to format. *.Rmap

We use full version CompeGPS Land 7 to open and convert maps, it optimizes the work and let us make a 3D map, also with the DEM that gives us the program, that can be accessed anywhere in the world so remote (requires Internet connection).

We also have access to maps of more coverage, such as 1:50 k:

1:50 k Vallhonesta
Map 1:50 k 1:50 k Vallhonesta

This map is also available in the ICC. Historically the 1:50 k (1:50,000) are the maps that have helped the please please please go for hiking adventure of one place to the other or please follow a GR are the best maps.

The scale of 1:50 k includes relevant detail and very important GR. We also have access to IGN maps 1:25 k, these are the most used to work with the Gps for your detail:

10 Km from IGN Vallhonesta 25 k

Gps manufacturers add these maps, it is included in either please a region such as Navigation or give access to please a simple form. These maps are the basis for more efficient Description, detail and coverage are more appropriate for MOUNTAIN BIKE tours or to explore new territories.

Finally, we can create a map of situation interactive, if estéu interested in any of the location maps ask not please and you do get, here we use of OpenStreetMap OSM Outdoors’y please:

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